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Representative publications

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The genetic basis of a recent transition to live-bearing in marine snails

Sean Stankowski*, Zuzanna B. Zagrodzka, Martin D. Garlovsky, Arka Pal, Daria Shipilina, Diego Garcia Castillo, Hila Lifchitz, Alan Le Moan, Erica Leder, James Reeve, Kerstin Johannesson, Anja M. Westram, Roger K. Butlin.


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Diverse pathways to speciation revealed by marine snails

Kerstin Johannesson, Alan Le Moan, Rui Faria, Marina Rafajlovic, Anja M. Westram, Roger K. Butlin, Sean Stankowski*,

Trends in Genetics

Widespread selection and gene flow shape the genomic landscape during a radiation of monkeyflowers

Sean Stankowski, Madeline A Chase, Allison M Fuiten, Murillo F Rodrigues, Peter L Ralph, Matthew A Streisfeld.

PLOS Biology

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Defining the speciation continuum

Sean Stankowski and Mark Ravinet


The evolution of strong reproductive isolation between sympatric intertidal snails

Sean Stankowski, Anja M Westram, Zuzanna B Zagrodzka, Isobel Eyres, Thomas Broquet, Kerstin Johannesson, Roger K Butlin

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B

Introgressive hybridization facilitates adaptive divergence in a recent radiation of monkeyflowers

Sean Stankowski, Matthew A Streisfeld

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

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