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We study the origin of species
and their unique adaptations

Adaptation and speciation are the driving force behind the astounding diversity of life on our planet. We use an integrative approach to address fundamental questions about these processes. Our work is mainly centered around the analysis of large genomic datasets collected from wild populations, but incorporates information about phenotypes, ecology and behaviour obtained from lab and field studies. We also develop new approaches for analyzing and integrating different types of data.

Some specific research aims addressed by our group include (i) revealing the genomic architecture of adaptive traits and barriers to gene flow, (ii) reconstructing the evolutionary pathways that led to new traits and functions, and (iii) dissecting causes of fitness variation in natural populations. We study animals and plants from marine and terrestrial environments, mainly rough periwinkles (Genus Littorina) from the rocky shores of Europe, and Snapdragons from the Spanish Pyrenees (Genus Antirrhinum). 

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